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About Star Assurance

Star Assurance Company Limited (“Star Assurance”) is a privately owned Insurance Company incorporated in August 1984 and licensed to carry out corporate and retail insurance businesses in Ghana. It commenced business in April 1985.

Star Assurance which started business as a composite company had to hive off its Life operation by setting up a company, StarLife Assurance, in compliance with the Insurance Law 2006, Act 724.

Star Assurance consequently underwrites only general business products including Motor, Fire, Marine, Aviation, Accident, Travel Insurance etc.  

Within Thirty- Four (34) years of its operations, Star Assurance has emerged as the biggest indigenous private insurance enterprise in terms of assets and indeed among the first three insurance companies in Ghana in terms of premium income.  

The Company has twenty- seven (27) branch offices in nine (9) out if the sixteen (16) Regional Capitals, with the remaining seven (7) serviced by our Agency offices. We therefore have representation in all the regions of Ghana.  

The company has been rated in the AA-(GH) category by Global Credit Rating of South Africa. Star Assurance has received several nominations as a member of the Ghana Club 100 in the past decades. The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) adjudged Star Assurance as the overall best in general insurance, 2016.

Motor Policy

Our motor policy is designed to cover the legal liabilities of our insured as a result of the use of the motor vehicle and loss or damage to his own vehicle. Under our motor portfolio, the following covers are provided: Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive.

General Accidents

Policies under the General Accidents are:

Professional Indemnity

Under the professional indemnity policy, the Company agrees to indemnify the assured up to but not exceeding in the aggregate limits stated in the schedule for any sum or sums which the assured may become legally liable to pay arising from any negligent acts, errors or omissions occurring during the period of insurance specified as a direct result of the professional conduct of their business. This policy is more suitable for professionals like doctors, lawyers and accountants.

Fidelity Guarantee

Due to possible infidelity or fraudulent acts of some employees, Star Assurance provides the Fidelity Guarantee policy, that reimburses the Employer (insured) all such direct pecuniary loss sustained by the Employer by all acts of fraud or dishonesty committed by any of the employed staff.

The act must be in connection with his occupation and be discovered during the period of indemnity or within six months thereafter or within six months after the termination of such employment whichever shall happen first.

Bankers Indemnity

This policy provides cover to the Insured against all such losses sustained or discovered by the insured during the period of insurance as follows;

Goods In Transit

We offer Goods-In-Transit policy which simply provides indemnity to the insured against loss or damage to the insured goods while they are being transported from one location to the other, normally within the country.

Cash In Transit

The Cash-In-Transit policy indemnifies the insured against accidental loss or damage to the insured’s cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, etc while in transit from one specified location to the other. Cash-Hold policy is effective when the insured’s cash is being held up in the business premises.

Cash-in-Safe cover provides indemnity against damage or loss to the insured’s cash while they are being kept in safe at the insured’s location.

Personal / Group Accident

Personal accident and Group Personal Accident policies are designed to compensate the insured against bodily injury loss of limb or limbs, loss of eye or eyes, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement, medical expenses and death.

Burglary and Housebreaking

Our Burglary policy covers loss or damage to the subject matter such as stocks and contents as a result of forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises.


Star Assurance provides three specific types of covers namely:

  1. Hull InsuranceThis refers to protection of vessel against damage to the structures and the machinery of the vessel caused by various perils such as collision, sinking, capsizing, stranding, fire, jettisoning etc. Normally, Hull Insurance is taken
    by owners of the ships / charters.
  2. Cargo InsuranceThis refers to transportation of goods / merchandise packed or in bulk / in containers and shipped by sea, air and also transported by land.
  3. Liability InsuranceThis protects policy holders against unintentional damage suffered by third parties including passengers and Product Liability of ship owners along with their Legal Liabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here’s all what you need to know about Star Assurance, its policies, claims, etc.

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Q Brief definition of insurance

Insurance is simply a legal contract between an insurer (Star Assurance Co. Ltd) and insured whereby in exchange for premium, the former promises to compensate the latter for suffering from specified potential future losses or damage.

Q Main categories of insurance

1. Life Assurance
2. Non-Life Assurance general business

Q Basic principles of insurance

UTMOST GOOD FAITH – This is a duty upon the proposer to reveal all material facts about the proposed risk. A material fact is one which would influence the mind of a prudent underwriter in deciding whether to accept a risk or not and on what terms. Examples are the value of the subject matter, its usage and location. This principle also requires insurers to disclose all the major terms and conditions of the contract to the insured.

INSURABLE INTEREST - The insured must stand in some legally recognised relationship to the subject matter of insurance whereby he benefits from its safekeeping or is prejudiced by its loss.

SUBROGATION – If an insured recovers under his policy then the insurers assume legal rights and remedies against third parties. This prevents an insured from making a recovery from both his insurers and a third party. Subrogation therefore means that the insurers can pursue or seek recovery from the third party who caused the loss to the insured.

CONTRIBUTION – An insured cannot make profit from a loss by recovering from more than one insurer. Contribution therefore means that all insurers will contribute to pay the actual loss so that the insured does not benefit. This happens when the same loss or damage by the same insured peril, occurs on the same subject matter and on the same interest.

PRIXIMATE CAUSE – Since insurance policies are designed to pay for losses arising from specified perils, any claim payable must be as a direct result of the insured peril happening.

Q Claims

Insurance claim, just like any accident are inevitable. When it happens these steps should be followed;

Quickly inform us about the loss by logging into e-insurance, phone call, email or in person
As much as possible provide every accurate detail about the loss
If it involves motor accident, report the incident to the police and obtain a police report
Arrange to obtain an estimate for repairs of the damage vehicle and submit it as soon as possible
Anytime there is damage to your property, try as much as possible to gather enough evidence to support your claim.
Take picture of the damaged items.

Q How to make non-motor claim?

Notify the insurer immediately the loss occurs.(Failure to report on time may lead to repudiation of the claim)
Visit the insurance company offices, your broker, agent or the company’s website for relevant claim form. Complete and return same to the company.
Report loss to Ghana National Fire Service / Ghana Police Service where necessary.
A post loss survey would be conducted by the insurer immediately. (Do not tamper with the incident area to destroy evidence of loss)
Take measures to prevent further damage to the property.
The following documents would be required to process Non Motor claims

Completed Claim Form
Survey report
Police report (where necessary)
Fire report (where necessary)
Purchase invoices/receipts (as proof of ownership of affected item)
Estimates for repairs
Photographs of damage items/ locations
(All other documents relevant to the claim would be requested upon receipt of claim form)

Completed Claim Form
Survey report
Police report (where necessary)
Fire report (where necessary)
Purchase invoices/receipts (as proof of ownership of affected item)
Estimates for repairs
Photographs of damage items/ locations

Q Who can make a claim?

The policy holder, insured or the caretaker of the vehicle or the beneficiary.

Q What are the circumstances under which a claim maybe repudiated?

When the peril which caused the loss was not covered under the policy or when the loss was not covered by the policy terms and conditions.

Q Who is a beneficiary?

The person or entity who is paid the proceeds under the insurance policy.

Q Who is an Insured?

A person/institution in whose name the insurance policy is written.

Q Who is a Third Party?

A third party is any person or entity other than the Insured and Insurer who obtains benefits under an Insurance contract.

Q What is an Insurance Policy?

It is a legal document which specifies the details of the insurance contract. In it the type of policy, period of insurance, the insured, the extent of cover terms and conditions
among others are specified clearly. It is an evidence of the insurance contract.

Q What is Indemnity?

It is the financial compensation that is adequate to put an insured in the same financial position after a loss as he/she was before the accident. Insurers in order to indemnify an insured may at their option pay cash, repair, replace or reinstate damaged property.

Q What is a Peril?

A contingency that gives rise to a loss e.g. fire, flood, earthquake etc.

Q Who needs insurance and When?

Everybody needs insurance. In all aspects of our daily life, at home, at work, on the street etc. we undertake risks. Insurance exists to cushion us against the financial burden that
would arise should a mishap occur. Hence the need to take insurance to protect that financial loss at all material times.

Q What are the types of Insurances available?

Star Assurance Company Limited provides varied insurance products tailor-made to suit your need. Click here to find out more about our products.

Q How do I Select an Insurance cover?

Selecting an appropriate insurance cover for yourself, your property or business requires professional advice. This is so because there are various policies that provide cover in various ways. Let’s know your needs first so as to advice you appropriately.

Q What are General Businesses?

They are non-life products, i.e. motor, fire, accident, engineering, bonds, marine and aviation etc. These policies are mostly annual policies.

Q What is an Excess?

The first part of a claim which the insured is expected to bear. It is usually a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of a claim.

Q What is a Deductible?

It is normally a large excess. The insured cannot claim loss amounts which fall within the deductible.

Q What is Liability?

The state of being legally responsible for something e.g. responsibility for damage caused to other people’s property or injury to their bodies. These are the liabilities transferred by insured’s to their insurers.

Q What is Permanent total disablement?

It is a state where an insured as a result of an injury becomes permanently disabled from pursuing his/her usual occupation.

Q What is Temporary total disablement?

A state in which an insured has sustained injury which makes him/her totally disabled for a period. In this case the insured is expected to be able to work again after some time.

Q What are Schengen States?

Schengen is the name applied to a series of agreements that eliminate border controls between most but not all European countries. The governments of the following countries
have signed the Schengen agreements: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and
Sweden. Ireland and the United Kingdom, although members of the European Union, are not part of the Schengen area.

Q Could my rate change after I receive a quote?

Several factors could account for a change in the rate between the time you receive your quote and the time you decide to purchase your policy. These factors may include but not limited to:

A revised rate due to loss ratio of that particular class of business
A revision of the tariff by National Insurance Commission. Please contact us on 0501409080/0501327966 and we can help answer your questions.

Q Is my payment accepted immediately?

Yes, If you make payment online, using mobile money transfer, visa cards, master cards, bank transfer, speed banking and Mpower. Please indicate your option

Q How quickly do changes I make go into effect?

If you make a change to your policy, the change can be effective immediately, or you may choose the effective date. Certain restrictions may apply to some changes, so call us on 0501409080 / 0501327966 for further assistance if needed.

Q Can I make changes to my policy online?

Yes. Our easy-to-use online customer service desk can help you make changes to your policy any time.

Q Can I call to make changes to my policy?

Yes. Our representatives are available to help you 24/7 on 0501409080 / 0501327966

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